Resort Ad Concept Design

This was a collaborative project between myself and two other Langara Publishing students during out first semester Photoshop class. The assignment was to choose a resort theme from a set of photos supplied by the instructors, and create a two-page spread advertisement. We decided our resort would be a relaxing vacation spot located in Bali.

One thing that was important to us was showing some different activities from the resort in a more creative and interesting way, which is how the images came to be arranged in the sky and in the shape that they are in.

My main area of contribution for this project was Photoshopping the images for colour correction and consistency between images, however the team worked together on every detail.


  • InDesign for assembly of final product
  • Photoshop for image correcting
  • Illustrator for logo design (provided by team member Caroline Kim)


This project was completed with Langara publishing students Caroline Kim and Taylor Williams.