Typography-Based Greeting Card

This was a second semester project from the Langara Publishing program. The goal of the project was to create a greeting card that was typography based on the theme of inclusion. The three winning cards would be distributed at Creative Mornings to promote the program and the designer. Sadly, my card was not chosen, but I’m still happy with my results!

The rules of the project were simple: using five different typefaces, design a greeting card around the theme. At least, it sounds simple. Anyone with Word can pick five typefaces and call it a day. But we had to find typefaces that worked together, that didn’t step on each other’s toes, and that weren’t, you know, ugly.

We could have used any old stock image from Unsplash, but that just isn’t my style. Instead, I embarked on an hour long journey through the neighbourhood of Mount Pleasant in Vancouver, as well as the downtown area, with the goal of finding the perfect graffiti wall for my words. It seemed like an easy task, since every year The Vancouver Mural Fest brings in waves of stunning art into the streets, but that turned out not to be true. While I was able to find an endless supply of gorgeous art, I didn’t find anything that I could use for this project. In the end, I ended up loving the photo of ivy growing on the side of the building because the two weren’t anything alike, just like the quote I chose.


  • Illustrator to design the typography
  • Photoshop to meld the typography to the photo
  • InDesign to place the finished product on the greeting card