Wild Bass Social House Menu Concept Design

This menu was a first semester project done in my Graphic Design class through the Langara Publishing program. It is easily one of my favourite projects from the class. We were randomly assigned a restaurant theme that a photographer had provided food pictures for, and had to build a menu from that. This was also a test of our photoshop skills, as the images we received had no editing from the photographer.

The menu was built to have a cover that was slightly smaller than the rest of the menu so that when it was closed photos of the food would peek through and get the customer’s appetite going.

I wanted the menu to reflect a restaurant that was built for millennials. Part of that meant using the term “social house” rather than restaurant, as that sees to be the new trend these days.

Software Used

  • InDesign for assembly and text
  • Photoshop for image corrections and sizing
  • Illustrator for banners and logos


Photography was supplied through Unsplash and Langara Photography student Meghan Fenton.

View Meghan’s work at her website or her Instagram and be sure to show her some love!