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“Pandemic Tourism”: How Canada’s Tourism Industry Has Evolved to Survive COVID-19

Pandemic Tourism” is a piece for Millennial Things Network co-authored with Neelia Fuad and Michael Shlega that examined how the tourism industry (particularly in Canada) has evolved to cope with, and possibly move on from the nightmare we call Covid-19.

For this piece, I explored where the tourism industry goes in a post-pandemic world, including new strategies that may evolve based on a country’s tourism industry pre-covid, as well as alternatives for those who won’t be ready to jump on a plane anytime soon.

In some ways, this piece was frustrating — with the amount of pandemic news constantly surrounding everything people do, it was frustrating having to write about it. It meant there was no escape from the constant barrage of covid updates. In other ways, it was reassuring to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and even though things might look a little bit different in that light, we’ll still get there.

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