My name is Melissa. You can call me Mel.

I wear a few different hats: designer, photographer, and writer. I pursue these passions both professionally and recreational, and share them all on this online portfolio.

Prior to joining the creative and marketing industries, I worked in the family pet store. After we sold, I pursued a diploma in digital and print publishing from Langara College. It was there that my passion for design and writing really took centre stage in my life.

Post-graduation, I began working at Clevers Media as a Marketing Assistant, which involved helping with web updates, newsletters, ad trafficking, event management, and more. The company split into two businesses in January 2020: Bright Communications and Trevor Battye Ad Sales, and I continue to work for both of them.

I started working as a freelance designer in the fall of 2019, and by August 2020 I was ready to start working with small business more and started my own company, Nettle Creative.

I also work as a journalist for Millennial Things Network, a Canadian non-profit that supports a global network of young adults who are driven to bring change in their communities through journalism.

In the background of all of this is my work as a photographer, with a focus on wildlife and landscape photography.

July 30, 2019