Before School

Prior to joining the creative and marketing industries, I worked in the family pet store. I became really passionate about reptiles, and even began learning about genetics and breeding my own high quality animals for our store. Between my sister and I, we greatly expanded that department of our store and became the store to go to in our area for reptiles.

Bonk, an Argentina Black and White Tegu and Melissa at the pet store

Marketing and Advertising Work

After we sold, I pursued a diploma in digital and print publishing from Langara College. It was there that my passion for design and writing really took centre stage in my life.

Post-graduation, I began working at Clevers Media as a Marketing Assistant, which involved helping with web updates, newsletters, ad trafficking, event management, and more. The company split into two businesses in January 2020: Bright Communications and Trevor Battye Ad Sales, and I continue to work for both of them in both marketing and advertising sales.

I started working as a freelance designer in the fall of 2019, and by August 2020 I was ready to start working with small business more and started my own company, Nettle Creative.

Melissa at the launch party of Pacific Rim Magazine, the publishing program’s yearly magazine


In the background of all of this is my work as a photographer, with a focus on wildlife and landscape photography. Photography has been an interest of mine since I purchased my first high quality digital camera when I about 14. I actually wanted a DSLR, but wasn’t allowed to get one yet. After a year of messing around with that, I was finally allowed to purchase my first DSLR (a Canon Rebel T3i) and the rest is history!

Melissa at the top of Dog Mountain