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Support Me On My Conservation Photography Journey

I love sharing the wild with people.

And I want to keep doing it, with no ‘tiers’ or ‘support levels’.

I think the natural beauty we have around us was meant to be enjoyed and protected by everyone, not just a few. I also believe in the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality, and I think if people aren’t able to see the beautiful animals and stunning landscapes we have, it makes it easier to forget to take care of them.

So along these lines, viewing my photos and posts will always be free!

If you’ve been enjoying my work and would like to support me, I’ve created a donation portal via PayPal where you can donate a few bucks (about a cup of coffee!) to show your appreciation.

The money from your support goes directly into:

  • Camera gear
  • Adobe Creative Cloud fees
  • Website fees
  • Time out photographing, researching for posts, editing, and writing
  • and coffees, so I can keep going on late-night editing sessions

What are the goals?

  • Have my photos published (CanGeo are you reading this??)
  • Work with non-profits to raise awareness using both my marketing background and photography skills
  • Have my photos make an impact on how people interact with nature

Other Ways to Support Me

Find me on social media to keep up with my work, and be sure to like/follow/subscribe to my pages.

Shop my work at my gallery! Digital downloads and canvas prints available.