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Welcome to my blog, where the wild beauty of nature is captured through the lens of my camera and shared with you in an effort to foster a deeper connection with our planet’s magnificent creatures and the critical need to conserve their habitats. As an enthusiastic wildlife photographer and a passionate advocate for conservation efforts, I invite you to join me on this journey of exploration and discovery.

In each post, we’ll embark on virtual safaris to observe the fascinating behaviours of wildlife in their natural environments and learn about the complex ecosystems that support life on Earth. Through stunning photography and insightful commentary, we’ll uncover the stories of the wilderness that often go untold.

But this blog is more than just a showcase for captivating imagery. It’s a platform dedicated to educating and inspiring action towards environmental protection and sustainability. Together, we’ll delve into various conservation projects, meet the heroes on the front lines of wildlife protection, and understand the challenges they face every day.

By sharing these experiences, my hope is to ignite a passion for nature within each reader and encourage a collective effort to preserve the beauty that surrounds us. So come along and let the adventure begin—explore the world of wildlife, photography, and conservation through my eyes and find out how you too can make a difference.

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Clark's Nutcracker

Animal Facts

Learn your animals with these quick and easy animal fact blogs, focusing on Pacific Northwest wildlife and British Columbia.

Tonquin Trail, Tofino, January 6, 2022

Field Notes


Photography tips and tricks as well as my own reviews on my work


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Baby Barred Owl Watch 2024

It’s that time of year again — Baby Barred Owl Watch 2024 has landed! If you missed last year, you can read the 2023 watch here, and to familiarize yourself with Barred Owls, visit my Barred Owls post Last year, Helen and Bob raised three beautiful owlets, the year before two. It will be interesting…
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Golden-Crowned Kinglets

My Fall 2021 obsession was these small, flighty birds known as golden-crowned kinglets. Back then I wasn’t able to get any decent shots, but with time my skill and luck improved and I was able to snag just a few more snaps of this beautiful bird. My best shots seem to happen during the winter…
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A Year in Review: 2023 Photography Wrap Up

Reviewing a year’s worth of photos is never an easy task, but I think it should be done to see where you started, where you are, and where you can go. You can see the holes in your technique, how you patched them up, and what types of shots captured your eye. So with all…
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Northern Harriers

If you’ve ever visited Boundary Bay in British Columbia, then no doubt you are familiar with the Northern Harriers that soar over the marshy grasslands. Northern Harriers are abundant in the area, though not always easy to get a photo of — perhaps with a bigger lens and if I sat and waited I could…
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Melissa (or Mel!) is a wildlife and landscape photographer living and working in beautiful British Columbia. Photography has been her passion since she received her first high-quality digital camera, and she became committed to wildlife photography in 2019 after a trip to Kenya. More recently, she has returned to school to study Environmental Practice so she can make a larger impact in the fight to protect nature.

January 17, 2024