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I’m a huge fan of chipmunks and squirrels. Their bushy tails, their cute mannerisms, their love of snacks โ€” what’s not to love?

Unfortunately for me, there aren’t any chipmunks that I’ve seen in my local woods, so I had to take a little trip to Campbell Valley Regional Park and go on that lookout. I wasn’t disappointed!

Species of Chipmunks

There are 4 different chipmunk species in British columbia:

  • The Least Chipmunk (Tamias neotamias minimus)
  • The Yellow-Pine Chipmunk (Tamias neotamias amoenus)
  • The Red-Tailed Chipmunk (Tamias neotamias ruficaudus)
  • Townsends Chipmunk (Tamias neotamias townsendii)

I have no idea which species I saw. If you can identify it, let me know! My best guess is a red-tailed chipmunk.

Chimpmunk Stripes

The stripes are probably the thing that clues most people in that the fuzzy thing in front of them is a chipmunk rather than a squirrel. The stripes likely help them hide from predators and may be caused by the same genes that give rodents a lighter-coloured belly.

Chipmunks having a snack
Melissa photographing a chipmunk
Chipmunk circled in orange


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