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At the end of August, I was fortunate enough to be welcomed on a trip to the Masaai Mara in Kenya through Langara International Service Trips (LIST). This trip was special for a variety of reasons. We were the first students from Langara to make the trip, as well as the first college or university from Canada to go on a Me to We service trip. On a more personal note, Kenya has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember, and I had been looking for ways to give back after completing my diploma at Langara.

This trip changed the way I want to travel. While I still think I’ll go on fun trips with friends who want to live the tourist life, I can’t see myself enjoying them as much as I did when I was immersing myself in a new culture and learning about the lives of people there.

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Wildebeest, August 2019

Superb Starling, August 2019

Zebras in the Mara, August 2019

Tree in the Mara, August 2019

Elephant Male, August 2019

Lioness with a Kill, August 2019

Hyrax, August 2019

Young Giraffe, August 2019

Giraffes, August 2019

Young Male Lion, August 2019

Thomson’s Gazelle, August 2019

Cape Buffalo, August 2019

Thomson’s Gazelle, August 2019

Thoughtful Lioness