Baby Barred Owl Watch 2022

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Owls are a captivating subject for most birders, with baby owls being a particular delight to find. This year, I was fortunate to find two separate Barred Owl families, and even more fortunate to have found the location of one of their nests and be able to watch their babies grow up from a very young age.

I ended up naming the family after Pixar’s “The Incredibles” since owls really are incredible animals. Plus, animals with people’s names just make me laugh.

Keep checking back for more photos โ€” they are slowly being added to the page as the owls grow!

Meet the Parents

Barred Owl A: “Bob”

Bob can be identified by a slightly broader-looking face with more distinct eyebrow markings. The eyebrows are longer than Helen’s, and one is slightly raised. The streaking in the body feathers is thinner than Helen’s. Generally, Bob seems a little lighter in colour than Helen, but some of this may have to do with lighting conditions

Bob seems to be the primary ‘food bringer’ for the owlets. He is pictured the most frequently and seems to bring food to Helen and to the nest for her to feed to the chicks. This behaviour is why I believe this owl to be the father, but I have no way of verifying.

Barred Owl

Barred Owl B: “Helen”

Helen can be identified by the short eyebrow markings, with one eyebrow looking a little more hooked than the other. The eyebrows are not as connected to the ‘T’ that goes down the face. Compared to Bob, Helen’s body feather streaks are bolder.

Helen seems to be a bit more camera-shy, and I have only managed to get a few good shots of her.

Barred Owl

Barred Owl Parent Photos


Check out this video of Helen and Bob grooming each other

Meet the Owlets

Baby A: Violet

When Violet was small, she was more shy and quiet than her sibling Dash. She would sit quietly on a branch, playing with moss or just looking about. Things have changed and Violet is much more outgoing and ‘owly’ now, but those early days were some of my favourites.

Violet can be identified by her bolder eyebrows.

Barred Owlet

Baby B: Dash

Dash was very ‘in your face’ when he was young. Right from the start, he liked to move around more than Violet, testing his wings

Dash can be identified by his thinner eyebrows

Barred Owlet

Barred Owlet Photos

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