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Coyote and Short-Eared Owl

Boundary Bay

Coastal Delta is home to Mud Bay and Boundary Bay and is an important part of the Pacific Flyway. Birds from all around gather here, either to stay for the winter or as a stop on their way further down. My two favourite birds to see are the Northern Harriers and the Short-Eared Owls, both of which take long glides over the marshy grasslands in the bay in their search for food. Bald Eagles also make a regular appearance, and you may also see Rough-Legged Hawks, Peregrine Falcons, American Kestrels, Long-Eared Owls, and if you’re especially lucky, a Snowy Owl.

Other birds I frequently see included Black-Capped Chickadees, Golden-Crowned Sparrows, White-Crowned Sparrows, Yellow-Rumped Warblers, Song Sparrows, Northern Flickers, Spotted Towhees, House Finches, and Great Blue Herons. There is also a healthy waterfowl population, with Mallards, Northern Shovelers, Northern Pintails American Widgeons, American Coots, and the occasional Merganser and Griebe. During the winter, you may also see Snow Geese.

I haven’t been so lucky in my shorebird search (I’m not usually in the right spots) but beach lovers will appreciate the massive flocks of Dunlin that gather here as well.

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