Victoria Butterfly Gardens & Butchart Gardens

I credit these photos as being a turning point for my photography. Granted, at the butterfly gardens the targets were pretty easy, being so used to people. But they were unlike anything I had ever captured before and I couldn’t be more proud.

Years later, after starting an instagram for my photography, I was even more proud to be asked by the one and only BBC Earth for permission to use my photo, but alas, even though I said yes, they never did. Don’t worry, I’m totally not bitter. I suspect they realized that this was not a wild butterfly, and that’s what disqualified me.

The butterfly gardens are one of my favourite places to visit. Despite the name, they are not limited to just butterflies! The gardens are also home to some red foot tortoises, a green iguana, poison dart frogs, and some beautiful birds. I managed to snap a photo of one of these birds, Little E. He is extremely friendly, and will come to right up to you, and even try to sit on you using whatever means necessary.

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Little E